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Nefeli Chatzimina is Principal of ArchitectScripta currently teaching at the National Technical University of Athens. She is holding a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University and a Diploma of Architectural Engineering from Metsovion Polytechnic University of Athens where she is currently a PhD Candidate. Nefeli has taught Architectural Studio and Seminars at the University of Southern California for three years, at the National Technical University of Athens and the Benaki Museum. She has been a guest crit at Columbia University for Bernard Tschumi’s studios, the Pratt Institute of New York, the University of Pennsylvania, the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute NYC, at Sci-Arc and UCLA. Nefeli has worked for three years as an Architect for her professor Bernard Tschumi in New York and is a registered Architect in TEE-TCG with Diploma Category A’. She has been Key Designer and Project Architect for several international awarded projects of big building scale and urban scale. Her professional work has been exhibited in galleries of New York [Guggenheim Museum], Los Angeles [Pacific Design Center], Kentucky [Land of Tomorrow], the Royal Institute of British Architects in London and in Athens Greece [The Benaki Museum]. Her work was selected among the First Distinctive Projects in the 4th European Biennial of landscape in Barcelona and has been published in magazines including ‘Form_The making of Design’. Projects of her own have been built including a retail store, a housing project in Athens and the Flagship store of Orizon Insurance company which was nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe Awards 2015.

Damianos Hatziminas is a registered Civil Engineer holding a Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering and a degree Bachelor’s degree of Civil Engineering, both from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. In parallel he holds a State License as a Construction Contractor for both private and public commissions. Damianos’ background involves around 15 years of professional experience in planning, engineering and coordinating construction projects from the predesign site selection process through construction Project Management and final project acceptance. His practice includes an array of countless residential and commercial developments as well as municipal engineered projects. He has been focusing both on private and public commissions, more specifically on single and multi-housing projects, in private stores and offices of high-end construction, in industrial buildings with specific factory line production and infrastructural projects of bigger scale in various cities of Attiki. Damianos is active in the academic field as a Professor of Civil Engineering from 2002-2004 teaching Enviromental Engineering at the American University of Athens, The College of Southeastern Europe. He is an active member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (ΤΕΕ), of the Register of Contractors' Enterprises of the Ministry for Environment, Town and Country Planning and Public Works (ΜΕΚ, ΜΕΕΠ) and the Surrey Alumni Association. Damianos has great ability in managing Human Resources and this is recognized through his organizational achievements.

Nikos Papavasileiou is Principal for ArchitectScripta and is currently graduating from the School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete, in Chania. Nikos has taught as a Design Instructor several International Advanced Design Maya Workshops since 2012 at the National Technical University of Athens, the School of Fine Arts, the Benaki Museum and the University of Innsbruck. Nikos has worked as an Architectural Intern for Divercity Architects in Athens and for his professor in Crete having participated in various international awarded competitions and built projects. Given his design expertise Nikos has been appointed as a Project Designer for built projects such as the Flagship Store of ‘Orizon’ Insurance Company, which was nominated to enter second phase for the ‘Mies Van der Rohe Awards’ in 2015. He has curated international architectural exhibitions at the Benaki Museum in Athens, the Center of Mediterranean Architecture in Chania and the 1st Biennale of Thessaloniki.


 Ioannis Vakalidis is a civil engineer for ArchitectScripta office having graduated from University of Portsmouth. He has three years of professional experience in medium and large scale commissions, mostly focusing on residential and urban projects under construction. His expertise addresses advanced issues of latest construction technologies through digital fabrication and computational design techniques.


Stelios Andreou is Project Architect for ArchitectScripta Office currently working on commissions of small and large scale projects under construction. He has studied at the National Technical University of Athens and was main Tutor for several Advanced Design Maya and Grasshopper Workshops taking place every year at the Benaki Museum and the National Technical University of Athens. Stelios was awarded individually with the 3rd Prize at the Liberland Design Competition –an international urban design event-. He was selected for the Second phase of the AA Summer DLAB 2016 in London, earning a scholarship from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. His work focuses on computational design methods, form-finding and form based on influence design techniques.


Zisis Vomvas is a graduate from National Technical University of Athens and Design Architect of ArchitectScripta team. His interest focuses on advanced design techniques through computational strategies and implementation through digital fabrication methods. He has been teaching at the Benaki museum in Athens for two years during the international ArchitectScripa workshops on advanced design techniques. 



Ossian Karlsson is a Project Designer for ArchitectScripta, having previously participated in numerous Advanced Design Programs organized by ArchitectScripta at the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece. He is currently holding a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Lund University in Sweden. Ossian is focusing on computational design strategies and emergent fabrication technologies. His work has been exhibited in Europe with projects that relate to Digital Art through programming. He is currently involved in projects under construction mainly as a Designer.


Justin Brechtel is an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Southern California School of Architecture where he teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses in design technologies, rapid prototyping and design methodologies utilizing advanced computer modeling techniques. Justin has also taught courses at the UCLA A.UD and Woodbury University.  He is a licensed architect in the state of California and a LEED Accredited Professional. Justin is holding a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University and has received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from CALA at the University of Arizona. His research focus is an unorthodox mixture of emerging fabrication technologies; design critique, philosophy, and course work in real estate development and financing. His studio work has been featured in the Columbia Abstract and the exhibit Intimacy: Beyond Media, in Florence, Italy. Justin currently is a Senior Computational Designer with the Los Angeles office of Perkins+Will and has previously worked with Steven Ehrlich Architects in Culver City and Belzberg Architects in Santa Monica California. He was responsible for several award-winning residential and commercial projects and featured in numerous domestic and international publications. His work focuses on data-driven design of large-scale architectural and urban design projects around the world. Justin is also a contributor to AREA Research where he is currently working on the Drylands Resiliency Initiative that was recently awarded the Latrobe prize.