The workshop is designed for students, architects, designers, artists, and individuals of all backgrounds who wish to engage with new techniques of design and new technologies of construction. It offers new means to design inquiry where participants will actively use and explore computational tools both in stages of concept and practice. The Workshop will engage each participant into Architectural dialogue with contemporary discussions of design.

Each participant will be responsible for their own housing, food and local transportation.


Workshops Application - HOW TO APPLY

All applicants are asked to submit a pdf Worksample and CV by email to: The application formatted as a single digital file, in PDF format, should not exceed 10 MB.

Workshops tuition for ten days workshop is 500 euros including Tutorials, Lectures, private Descrits, Studio space and Certificate of Participation.

Applicants will be contacted via email upon receipt of their application.


Application Deadlines

Please submit by 6th of July.


Daily Meetings from 10am to 6pm @ BENAKI MUSEUM in Athens, at 138 Pireos street.

Lectures - Tutorials on Maya and Grasshopper Techniques and Production + Deskcrits




Participants following a series of Lectures and Tutorials will develop through computational means a personal exploration of their own design ideas. On a first phase they will produce 3d and 2d drawings. Depending on the needs of each research some projects will investigate conceptual animations or construction of a physical model using latest fabrication technologies.

Software Introduction (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY): Grasshopper, Maya Interface Modeling Techniques: Nurbs, Polygons, Subdivisions Rendering Techniques: Materials, Special Effects Advanced Techniques: Dynamics, Particles, Deformers, Animations, Cameras controls.



Each Participant will produce a series of 3d renderings and 2D drawings representing 3-Dimentionality.

Animation of the fragment generation (3000 frames) of topographical incremental variation - or a topographical incremental variation of 1 physical prototype using a combination of Laser Cut,3D printing or 3d milling.



The workshop consists of 2 Weeks, where the participant will follow a series of daily tutorials, lectures and deskcrits for the means of developing an Architectural project.

Participants need to bring their own laptops or workstations to the Benaki Studio space. The workshop will be held in English.


The workshop will take place inside the BENAKI Museum of Athens, 138 Pireos street.

The existing building is one of the central development axes of Athens and is organised around a central courtyard, with many spaces as the exhibition halls and the amphitheatre. Movement through the exhibition halls is designed to take place around the perimeter of the courtyard, in such a way as to ensure maximum visibility for the visitor and flexibility in the utilisation of space. The atrium/courtyard area, a basic feature of the activities taking place there, can host outdoor exhibitions, musical events and performances.